Friday, November 28, 2014

thanksgiving morning and this is the first thing i saw when i went to the kitchen...  the most beautiful outline of a bird with it's wings spread wide.  (the bird seems to be ok)

The hills burned a special shade of pink alight by the fire of a setting New Mexico sun.
Warm pockets of air juxtaposed by strange coolness like the breath of angels saying to keep moving.

When moving from the place where light is clear, life becomes rich.
Windows of the soul thrown open to let the fresh breeze enter and the warmth touch the world outside.

There are smiles in this life that etch deeply and firmly reside as memories. 
One look laced with encouragement can blaze brilliantly through sadness and lift a spirit.

Gratitude is ripe on the branch and I will stand underneath and cherish nectar spilling onto my whole body.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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